• Commercial Medical Waste Autoclaves

    Medical Waste Autoclaves

  • Commercial Medical Waste Sterilizers

    Medical Waste Sterilizers

  • Commercial Medical Waste Autoclave Systems

    Medical Waste Autoclave Systems

  • Commercial Medical Waste Sterilization Systems

    Medical Waste Sterilization Systems

  • Commercial Medical Waste Treatment

    Medical Waste Treatment

  • Commercial Biomedical Waste Autoclaves

    Biomedical Waste Autoclaves

  • APHIS Waste Treatment

    APHIS Waste Treatment

  • Hospital Waste Autoclaves

    Hospital Waste Autoclaves

  • Hospital Waste Sterilizers

    Hospital Waste Sterilizers

  • Hospital Waste Autoclave Systems

    Hospital Waste Autoclave Systems

  • Hospital Waste Sterilization Systems

    Hospital Waste Sterilization Systems

  • Hospital Waste Treatment

    Hospital Waste Treatment

  • Infectious Waste Autoclaves

    Infectious Waste Autoclaves

  • USDA Waste Treatment

    USDA Waste Treatment


Accessories & Supplies from Bondtech

Autoclavable Bags

Autoclavable Bags Bondtech biohazard autoclavable red bags are available by roll, box or packet with all common sizes in stock and can be custom-made to your specifications for gauge, size, color, printing etc.

Autoclave Carts

Autoclave Carts Bondtech autoclave carts are fabricated from steel and aluminum, suitable for any type of industrial application and ideal for the collection and processing of infectious biohazardous medical wastes.

Bin Dumpers

Bin Dumpers Bondtech hydraulic bin dumpers are manufactured in compliance with all regulatory requirements and can be custom-made for to match the specifications of your waste treatment operations.

Cart Liners

Cart Liners Bondtech "PRO-TECH" high heat autoclave cart liners extend cart life, reduce bin dumper wear and tear and minimize the labor required to keep carts free of debris and nuisance odors.


Waste Compactors Bondtech compactors are securely enclosed, hygienic and safe. They can decrease waste volume by more than 80% and significantly reduce odors, spillage, wind scatter, and fire and infestation risks.


Medical Waste Containers Bondtech Continental™ and Schaefer™ reusable medical waste containers are leak-proof, spill-proof, tamper-proof, puncture-resistant and meet all DOT regulations (28 to 200 gallon capacity).

Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lifts Bondtech scissor lifts utilize a lifting technique consisting of crossed cylinders that, like a pair of scissors, move up and down. They have a high weight capacity to lift fully-loaded autoclave bins and carts.


Medical Waste Shredders Bondtech hospital/medical waste shredders are heavy duty single- or double-stage shredders with each knife configuration optimized for maximum throughput at the required particle size.

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