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Biohazardous Waste Management « Bondtech Autoclaves & Sterilizers

Biohazardous Waste Management

Process Description

Bondtech biohazardous waste management systems are designed for high vacuum and high pressure capability. Bondtech's proprietary-design autoclaves are subject to a pre-vacuum cycle, saturated steam cycle and a post-vacuum cycle to facilitate faster and more uniform penetration of steam into the infectious biohazardous waste to be treated. A quick-opening door with locking ring is mounted on the periphery of the vessel and rotated through a short arc by hydraulic cylinders located on the side of the vessel.

Treatment Methodology

After the autoclave door is closed a pre-vacuum cycle is performed to evacuate air from the vessel and to expedite and insure steam penetration into the biohazardous waste. The autoclavable bags and other waste are then soaked with steam at the temperatures required by law to render it non-infectious and safe for final disposal. Venting is performed through a steam condenser resulting in no steam being released into the atmosphere. A post-vacuum cycle removes residual steam, flashes residual liquids and mitigates nuisance odors.

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