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Hospital Waste Autoclaves « Bondtech Autoclaves & Sterilizers

Hospital Waste Autoclaves

Bondtech Corporation has been manufacturing and servicing hospital waste autoclaves for hospitals and treatment facilities around the world since 1983. High-pressure/high-vacuum hospital waste autoclaves leveraging Bondtech Treatment Technology (BTT) offer processing capacities ranging from 40 lbs/hr (≈20 kg/hr) to 2,000 lbs/hr (≈1,000 kg/hr) or more. In Europe, North America and other developed regions the medical waste generated by hospitals is approximately 4 lbs (≈2 kg) per patient occupied bed per day. Bondtech's technical staff will work with customers to coordinate the capacity and design configuration that best fits the site's requirements including:

  • Evaluation of equipment requirements to satisfy facility needs
  • Specification of waste treatment process flow and applications
  • Design, fabrication and integration of the combined system
  • Turnkey solution installation, startup and maintenance

Bondtech comprehensively supports, professionally services and extensively supplies the hospital waste autoclaves it sells and installs.

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