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Hospital Waste Sterilization « Bondtech Autoclaves & Sterilizers

Hospital Waste Sterilization

Today landfills across the world where biohazardous infectious waste is regulated accept autoclave-sterilized waste from hospitals and treatment facilities.

Using Bondtech Treatment Technology (BTT) autoclave carts or bins loaded with hospital infectious waste are transferred into an autoclave vessel for treatment. The waste is then properly steam-autoclaved which renders it non-infectious and therefore safe for disposal at sanitary landfills. A green light will signal when the sterilization cycle is complete and the autoclave door is ready to be opened. The sterilizer operator will then unload the autoclave and the bin dumper will empty the bins into a compactor or shredder. This process can be performed using either a semi-automated or fully-automated conveyance system.

The autoclaved waste does not exhibit any leachate characteristics as could the ash generated by incinerators. And to optimize landfill space utilization, hospital waste sterilization via autoclave sterilizers can be safely compacted to achieve volume reductions of up to 80% or more. Further reductions can be achieved with the addition of a shredder. The shredding process is performed only after the waste has been treated by the Bondtech hospital waste sterilization process. In most modern facilities hospital waste is treated for final disposal in this manner.

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