• Commercial Medical Waste Autoclaves

    Medical Waste Autoclaves

  • Commercial Medical Waste Sterilizers

    Medical Waste Sterilizers

  • Commercial Medical Waste Autoclave Systems

    Medical Waste Autoclave Systems

  • Commercial Medical Waste Sterilization Systems

    Medical Waste Sterilization Systems

  • Commercial Medical Waste Treatment

    Medical Waste Treatment

  • Commercial Biomedical Waste Autoclaves

    Biomedical Waste Autoclaves

  • APHIS Waste Treatment

    APHIS Waste Treatment

  • Hospital Waste Autoclaves

    Hospital Waste Autoclaves

  • Hospital Waste Sterilizers

    Hospital Waste Sterilizers

  • Hospital Waste Autoclave Systems

    Hospital Waste Autoclave Systems

  • Hospital Waste Sterilization Systems

    Hospital Waste Sterilization Systems

  • Hospital Waste Treatment

    Hospital Waste Treatment

  • Infectious Waste Autoclaves

    Infectious Waste Autoclaves

  • USDA Waste Treatment

    USDA Waste Treatment


Medical Waste Treatment Solutions

Design · Engineering · Fabrication · Contracting · Service

Bondtech has manufactured high-vacuum high-pressure autoclave sterilization systems with high-volume processing capacities of up to 7,000 lbs/hr (≈3,500 kg/hr) or more for the commercial medical waste treatment industry for more than 30 years. Bondtech Treatment Technology (BTT) systems currently provide the majority of the waste treatment capacity in North America for medical wastes and USDA/APHIS/foreign origin wastes.

autoclavable bags · cart liners · reusable waste containers

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Hospital Waste Treatment Solutions

Installation · Training · Calibration · Maintenance · Support

With a growing base of more than 1,500 autoclave sterilization solutions delivered, Bondtech is the world's leading supplier of durable and reliable on-site hospital waste autoclave sterilizers for the treatment of infectious biohazardous wastes with processing capacities of 40 lbs/hr (≈20 kg/hr) and up. Bondtech autoclave systems are built in strict compliance with the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code and are CE Certified.

shredders · compactors · carts · bin dumpers · scissor lifts

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