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Infectious Waste Autoclaves « Bondtech Autoclaves & Sterilizers

Infectious Waste Autoclaves

Infectious waste autoclaves that use steam (moist heat) are tested against a biological indicator to validate the efficacy of the autoclave process. The Bondtech infectious waste autoclave sterilization methodology entails a steam process that achieves or exceeds the minimum sterilization kill against geo-bacillus stearothermophilus as required by infectious waste regulatory agencies worldwide. For steam autoclave and sterilizer technologies, geo-bacillus stearoterhmophilus is the biological indicator of choice due to its characteristic resistance to steam sterilization conditions.

Bondtech infectious waste autoclaves have an automated chart recorder at the control panel which continuously records the temperature, vacuum and pressure. This information is maintained as permanent hardcopy for each load of infectious waste treated, further complying with quality control guidelines and environmental regulatory requirements.

After the infectious waste autoclave process the treated waste volume is reduced by roughly half. Further volume reduction can be realized with a Bondtech post-treatment shredder and compactor. Major advantages of this Bondtech Treatment Technology include low operating costs and highly reliable technology.

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