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Medical Waste Autoclaves « Bondtech Autoclaves & Sterilizers

Medical Waste Autoclaves

Prior to 1997, there were over 2,400 medical waste incinerators operating in the United States. These incinerators produced hazardous and carcinogenic emissions of dioxins/furans, particulate matter (PM), metals (cadmium, lead, and mercury), acid gases (HCl and SO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The USA Clean Air Act (CAA) was promulgated in 1997 which regulated and enforced strict emissions from these medical waste incinerators. Due to the CAA, the majority of these incinerators were shuttered and today there are less than a dozen medical waste incinerators operating nationwide. Steam autoclaves now process approximately 95% of the medical waste generated in North America.

Bondtech Corporation has been designing and delivering medical waste autoclaves for the global commercial medical waste treatment market since 1983. High-pressure/high-vacuum medical waste autoclaves leveraging Bondtech Treatment Technology (BTT) offer processing capacities ranging from 750 lbs/hr (≈375 kg/hr) to over 7,000 lbs/hr (≈3,500 kg/hr). High vacuum assures effective steam penetration (before) and elimination (after), and high temperature and pressure assures complete and effective waste sterilization.

Bondtech comprehensively supports, professionally services and extensively supplies the medical waste autoclaves it sells and installs.

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