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Medical Waste Sterilizers « Bondtech Autoclaves & Sterilizers

Medical Waste Sterilizers

Bondtech Corporation has been selling and installing medical waste sterilizers for the global commercial medical waste treatment market for over 30 years. State-of-the-art medical waste sterilizers based on Bondtech Treatment Technology (BTT) are engineered for steam temperatures of 280-295°F (138-146°C).

Bondtech medical waste sterilizers are designed in accordance with customer requirements, follow EPA guidelines and regulations, and make sure decontamination of waste occurs. To assure proper decontamination, Bondtech employs a pre-vacuum cycle to facilitate faster and more uniform steam penetration into the infectious waste to be treated plus a post vacuum to insure a dryer end product and to effectively control nuisance odors.

A BTT programmable logic controller (PLC) system provides automatic sequencing and operation of the system and also records data on every cycle. This control system provides maximum flexibility to address any site-specific requirements and can be configured with color graphics display, weigh scale integration and hard drive data acquisition.

Bondtech comprehensively supports, professionally services and extensively supplies the medical waste sterilizers it sells and installs.

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